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A multimillion pounds Irish Whiskey Distillery for Matt D’Arcy, Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Owned by one of the best known local business figures, Micheal McKeown.

A key regeneration scheme in a post-industrial area of 1817 original whiskey distillery grounds in Monaghan Street, Newry.


The governing principle of this project has been to bring original distillery premises back in use with modern interventions. Original stone textures are preserved and contemporary elements introduced. A complex of retained and fully restored 1860s existing old distillery premises and new modern copper clad extension will draw on the dense urban character of the area and will allow a memory of the traditional old whiskey bonded warehouses and yards accessible via arched gateways. Publicly accessible courtyard will be created and reached from the main Monaghan Street and historic city site of Corry Square. 

The project comprises of dominant, refurbished, existing building and extensions harmoniously connected together. Courtyard extension consists of elegant steel frame with glazed links to provide ample natural light. The new additions engage in a dialogue with the existing building and the city and are designed as coherent integration with the existing urban tissue. The project underlines the importance of symbols of the city by creating direct extensions of the historic building- focal point of the new additions are modelled.

The glazed form is crowned by a bold form clad in copper to resemble the whiskey copper pot-still finish. The golden hue will endure over time to blend with the brick fabric of surrounding properties. The glazed link also enables minimal alterations to the existing fabric and may provide glimpses of the interior. At night, the building will become a glowing beacon to enhance the evening economy of the region, the internal light will be shining out encouraging people to enter.


The access gateway is the most crucial reminder of the former distillery archway. Its gate is intended to be opened during the working hours to allow access and walk through to the car park in Corry Square and Lower Catherine Street. It will create a new route through the site that will contribute to the urban grain. The gateway maximises permeability and connectivity. The building is designed with simplicity at its core. The display windows front Monaghan Street to attract and provide immediate access. The facilities will be stimulated by its occupants and will provide the new public space that can sustain physical, social and economic activity.  

We have successfully obtained the Planning Permission and Building Control Approval and started works on site. 

Site works continue whilst Matt D'Arcy & Co launched their limited whiskeys editions in 2020 and continue success throughout island of Ireland and internationally.

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