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EPS Printing Factory 

Investment Scheme


Alina has been instrumental in the planning and project management of a major investment scheme in Gliwice, Poland, for Belfast based Delta Print and Packaging Ltd, owned by Dr Terry Cross OBE. The company aimed to set up a new manufacturing base in Central Europe while simultaneously extending operations facilities in Belfast. Alina advised on the choice of location, consulted on Polish regulations and planning law, assisted in obtaining specific permits required to operate in the Special Economic Zone. She was responsible for lobbying with Polish & Northern Irish politicians, MPs, MLAs, local representatives, Members of House of Lords, House of Commons, Northern Ireland Assembly, Belfast City Council.

The success of the Polish operation was highlighted in the acquisition process of Delta Print and Packaging Ltd by the Finish printing giant, Huhtamaki.  Having acquired the facilities, in 2016 Huhtamaki was able to expand its operations to Europe. The company continues to implement its growth strategy focused on food and drink packaging and enters the folding carton packaging market in Europe.

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