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Pine House

Rostrevor, Co. Down

Alterations and refurbishment to a typical 70's bungalow in Rostrevor. This bungalow has been imaginatively modernised to add value and the wow factor to existing spaces. We applied our typical approach working with existing buildings and have reused as much of the existing structure of the building as possible. All existing openings have been cleverly reused, elevations transformed by applying new paint and finishes, internal spaces maximised without the need to extend. The pine cladding is a reference to some award-winning buildings throughout Rostrevor, yet has been introduced minimally not to discard from the strict requirements of the AOAB (Area of Outstanding Beauty) that the dwelling is located in.

Internally there is an open plan living space with valued ceilings bringing an unexpected spaciousness to the interior. All the spaces are strategically connected with the outside space to take advantage of the mature front and back gardens and modern living in living out concept.

Work in progress.

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